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Underfloor Heating

With systems available for all types of flooring, construction type and finish, there is a system available for you. Underfloor heating provides a healthy, comfortable and energy saving alternative to traditional heating systems, which could also be linked in to a new or existing solar installation to provide further energy efficiency’s.

Benefits of Underfloor Heating:

  • Provides gentle evenly dispersed room temperatures
  • Eliminating traditional radiators allowing for increased room space
  • Health benefits to allergy sufferers due to reduced airborne dust particles
  • Enhanced property value

There are two main types of system available, those being water and electrical systems.

Water Systems

With a water (Wet) system, underfloor pipes are connected to your existing boiler which in turn circulates heated water around the flooring area, providing even heat distribution. Because of the heat being distributed over a larger area, the temperature can be set lower than that in comparison to traditional radiators improving efficiency. This system can work in conjunction with stone, tiled, wooden or even carpeted floorings.


Systems With an electric (Dry) system, underfloor electrical cables or mats are connected to your properties mains supply, and in conjunction with a thermostat enable you to control the temperature. Depending on the size and layout of your rooms normally dictates which method is best suited. As with the water system, electrical systems can be in conjunction with stone, tiled, wooden or carpeted floorings.

Both systems will provide a modern heating alternative to the more traditional radiator heating as well as providing you with the luxury of warm floors on cold mornings.

As with all of the products we use, we always try to use the most up to date equipment and materials, which in this case are mainly supplied by underfloor heating specialists such as Robbens and Uponor. Not only does this give you the consumer piece of mind, but also knowledge that you have some of the latest equipment designed to get the most from the technology.

Our surveyors are able to advise of the best system available depending on your property, layout and needs. For further information or advise, please ‘Contact Us’.

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