Solar Thermal Systems

Solar Thermal is a renewable energy for generating in some cases up to as much as 90% of the hot water used by an average household. Panels, more commonly referred to as ‘collectors’ capture the sun’s natural heat to provide hot water for the domestic or commercial use. By transferring the captured heat to a fluid within the collectors (usually antifreeze), it is pumped through the system to heat the water within the hot water cylinder before being circulated back to the collectors to be re-heated.

Benefits for fitting Solar Thermal are both Financial as well as Environmental:

  • Reduced energy bills
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Cheaper ‘set-up’ cost than other renewable technologies
  • Process works all year round
  • Natural, unlimited green resource

We always use the most up to date solar equipment, with solar photovoltaic and thermal panels being supplied by leading manufacturers such as Dimplex, Baxi and Sharp. Not only does this give you the consumer piece of mind of quality equipment, but also knowledge that they have been designed to get the best from solar energy.

We are MCS (Microgeneration Certificate Scheme) and REAL (Renewable Energy Assurance Limited) accredited ensuring quality renewable technology installations and products.

Our surveyors will be able to advise of the best system available depending on your property, layout and needs. For further information please ‘Contact Us’

Image courtesy of Baxi

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