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Solar PV Systems

Solar panels capture the sun's solar radiation using photovoltaic cells and convert it into DC (Direct Current) electricity. The current produced travels to an inverter, which converts the DC current to AC (Alternating Current) electricity, which then through your properties electrical consumer unit can be used to power household appliances and lighting. Because the panels produce the energy from daylight, they still produce energy even on cloudy days, however more power would be produced on a sunny day as opposed to an overcast day.

Generate your own free electricity

By installing solar panels at your home or business you can generate your own free electricity. Not only is the electricity generated free to use, but you will also receive a payment for every unit you generate. The payment figures are currently running at between 7.10p & 16.00p for every unit. To receive this payment, you must ensure that you have an eligible installation and a system that has been installed by an MCS Approved Installer.

Key Features:
  • Reduce your energy bills and future proof your home against rising energy costs
  • Generous rebates available through the ‘Feed In Tariff’ for long term financial returns
  • Natural, unlimited green resource
  • Produce zero carbon energy and reduce your domestic or commercial carbon footprint
  • High Quality equipment requiring minimal to no maintenance
  • Enhanced property value
  • Fast installation times
  • Easy to read meters
  • By using MY Group every system is installed and maintained to MCS standards

Having already completed hundreds of installations, we continue to work on new solar installations and maintenance projects with both private individuals as well as our large commercial clients. . As with all our existing services, our Solar PV installation services are offered Nationwide. Solar PV is just part of our dedicated ‘Renewable’ division.

For further information and advice on this subject, please phone 01953 497177, or alternatively ‘Contact Us’.


To ensure the highest standards of service and as with all our existing services, we work to the appropriate recognised mandatory standards:

REAL assurance is a governing body set up to ensure that all accredited contractors work to a specific standard and code of practice.

We are also a fully accredited MCS installer. The MCS certifies micro generation technologies used to produce electricity and heat from renewable sources.

NAPIT Certification operates a UKAS accredited scheme which allows certification of installers under the MCS. By providing combined access to MCS Approval and Building Regulations self-certification, NAPIT provides a complete solution for the microgeneration installer.


Our PV Installations

As seen on TV – Suffolk church buildings to be fitted with solar panels

One of our many projects was to have installed photovoltaic panels on clergy houses and other selected church buildings which will save money and also greatly benefit the environment. Church buildings were surveyed for suitability giving consideration to age, grade listing and were put forward for listed building permission. Articles featured on the BBC, ITV news as well as within The Diocese of St Edmundsbury & Ipswich website

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the PV panels need direct sunlight to work?
Solar PV works from daylight and not direct sunlight, but more power is produced on a sunny day as opposed to an overcast or cloudy one.

What are the effects of shade?
Shading is critical. Minor shading can result in significant loss of energy because the cell with the lowest illumination determines the operating current of the series string in which it is connected.

What happens if there is a power cut?
Our PV systems are entirely connected. If there is a power cut the system is automatically switched off as a safety measure to ensure power does not leak on to the grid protecting those working to restore the power supply. There will be no power to the building during the power cut.

What happens at night?
PV panels do not produce energy in the dark so electricity is drawn from the grid in the normal way.

Do panels need cleaning?
Usually dust and dirt washes off when it rains if the panels are installed at an angle of at least 15°. In extreme cases, dirt may cause a power reduction of up to 10%.

Our surveyors will be able to advise of the best system available depending on your property, layout and needs. For further information please ‘Contact Us’

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