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Landlords and authorities

As you know to let a property you have to have a certificate to confirm your gas installation is safe & sound. This service has to be renewed annually. The tenant & landlord should hold their respective copies, for the landlord to prove compliance of the act, and for the tenant to have peace of mind. This certificate is known as a CP12.

In addition to this, the landlord should have a certificate to prove the electrical installation is sound & complies with the relevant regulations. This has to be renewed every 5 years.

MYG Servicing is proud to be able to offer both of these services, for either a one off landlord’s property, to a local authority who has 1000 properties. We have thousands of private homes who use us for their annual service, as well as numerous letting agents, local authorities and charities.

Our company is a registered installer with GAS SAFE the governing body for gas, as well as NIC-EIC the governing body for Electricians.


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