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I can smell gas!

If you smell gas or are worried about gas safety, you can call the national grid on 0800 111 999 at any time, day or night. Your call will not cost you anything. Just pick up the phone, dial the number and you will be put through to a trained operator who will take all the details.

Does MYG Servicing take credit card payment?

We accept cash, cheque, credit and debit cards. We also accept bacs payments details of this can be found on the bottom of your invoice.

Can I pay over the phone?

By all means. Any outstanding invoice can be paid with credit card or debit card by calling 0300 1240 933. An additional 3% processing fee is charged to the total balance.

Why do I need a condensing boiler?

By law, all gas boilers fitted after the 1st of April 2005 must be condensing boilers. This law is due to the so-called greenhouse effect.

Gas condensing boilers have great advantages, such as being very efficient, showing great savings in your fuel bills, and the fluing options seem to be endless. 

Why do i have to have periodic inspections on my electrics?

Routine testing and inspecting can save time and money in the long-term, not to mention the safety aspect.

Amazingly, an average of 12,500 house fires, 750 serious injuries, and 10 deaths happen each year as a resultof faulty electrics.    Routine inspection together with maintenance will help reduce this figure.

A periodic inspection assesses the condition of the installation at intervals as required and gives a precise indication of the condition of the installation.

Why does my boiler need servicing?

Regular maintenance is essential in order to ensure your appliances safety and to maximise its efficiency.

I've had a power-cut and now my boiler doesn't work, what should I do?

In the event of a power-cut, if your boiler does not come back on-line, try the following:

Try pressing the reset button.

Turn your boiler thermostat to zero and then bring it up to temperature.

Failing this please call the office on 0300 1240 933 to make an appointment for an engineer to visit.

What should I do when my boiler breaks down?

Have you tried pressing the rest button? If a boiler does not respond to the reset button, or repeatedly fails, please call our office to arrange a mutually convenient appointment, and one of our qualified engineers will attend to resolve the problem.

Can appointments be confirmed via the internet?

Any bookings can be confirmed by e-mailing bookings@mygservicing.co.uk

How do I confirm a service appointment?

If you have received a letter from us regarding your service, you can call our office on 0300 1240 933, or you can send us an email to bookings@mygservicing.co.uk, giving the date of the service and your name and address and it will be automatically confirmed for you. You will receive confirmation by return that this has been done for you.

How do I know when my boiler is due for a service?

After your initial service with MYG Servicing you will receive a reminder annually that your boiler is due for servicing. If not, give us a call and we can advise when your service is due.

How often should I have my boiler serviced?

We recommend your boiler is serviced yearly. This will ensure your boiler is working at maximum performance and safety.

How long will it take me to receive a quotation?

A quotation will be with you in 2-3 days of the survey - quicker if you provide your e-mail address to our surveyor.

How much does a survey cost?

Our fully qualified surveyor will attend your property FREE of charge, and will then produce a tailor-made quotation for your required works.

How much does it cost to fit a new heating system?

Heating systems vary in price depending on your individual circumstances. Why not give the office a call and arrange a survey?

What type of boilers do MYG Servicing install?

As a company we install all main manufacturers´ boilers, Ideal, Baxi, Potterton & Ariston this ensures that when the boiler needs maintaining, or if parts are required they are readily available, which is very important if the boiler is a combination boiler.


Do MYG Servicing have any current employment vacancies?

If you are interested in a career with MYG Servicing please contact the office on 0300 1240 933.

Do MYG Servicing carry out periodic inspections on electrics?

Yes we offer periodic inspections to all home owners. We recommend that all homes are checked every five years to maintain maximum safety and efficiency.

It is also useful for home buyers to have a periodic inspection carried out on a property they are buying to detect any faults.

Do MYG Servicing install water softeners?

Yes we install a number of water softeners depending on the needs of the property.

Does MYG Servicing install bathrooms?

Yes. Working together, the client and the surveyor can achieve the desired bathroom within the budget set.    From the suite itself to the office for an appointment with a surveyor.

Does MYG Servicing service commercial appliances?

Our engineers are only able to service domestic appliances. If you are unsure whether the appliance is a domestic rated appliance please call our office and we can advise.

Do MYG Servicing commission boilers

We commission all boilers installed by our own engineers.

What services do you offer?

From your boiler servicing to full installations, from new plug sockets to periodic testing, from renovation to house building and leaking taps to new bathroom suites.

Are MYG Servicing Corgi Registered?

Yes we are Corgi registered for any work on Natural gas or LPG.
We are also Oftec and NICEIC registered for your oil and electrical needs.
It is also useful for home buyers to have a periodic inspection carried out on a property they are buying to detect any faults.

What responsibilities do I have as a Land Lord?

As a Land Lord with a tenanted property it is your duty to carry an annual gas safety check and maintain any gas appliances.
You also have responsibility for your electrics. Every five years your property should have a periodic inspection (PI) to ensure your electrical circuit is working to its maximum safety and efficiency.

Does MYG Servicing offer a contract scheme?

Once you have an appliance serviced by MYG Servicing, you will be offered a reminder of when your service is due on an annual basis. This makes you a priority customer without a contract.

If you are on our database showing regular servicing we will endeavour to fit your service in before any new customer, we will also aim to attend to any breakdown call within 48 hours. Whilst we try an offer this service to all of our customers, its not always possible, and at very busy times it means we have to say no to new customers.

What are MYG Servicing's opening hours?

MYG Servicing is open Monday- Friday 8:30am- 5:00pm. If you call our office out of these hours then we have an answerphone message facility and someone will call you back.

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